Window Cleaning Products
GG4 and GG3, Glass Gleam Glide and Multi purpose cleaner.

Titan Labs So I just started using some new products from Titan Labs in my window cleaning business. I use the Glass Gleam 4 which is a professional window cleaning concentrate made for hard water areas. They make about 12 different products ranging from hard water stain removers to solar panel cleaning solution to Multi-Purpose Cleaner. […]

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Pure Water Cleaning

Palmer Professional Services uses the powers of pure water as one of the ways we clean windows. Lots of our customers have questions about it because it’s not the traditional t-bar and squeegee method most people are familiar with. We use a water fed pole on high and hard to reach windows or on large […]

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Window Cleaning in Green Valley, AZ
Window cleaning in Green Valley, AZ

Green Valley window washing Here at Palmer Professional Services, we service many areas around Tucson, But we have a growing window washing business and clientele in Green Valley. I personally have parents that live in Green Valley and want everyone to know that we service anywhere in Green Valley. Whether you want your house windows cleaned […]

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Ask Me Anything

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about building a community and a group of people to talk with about questions we have regarding anything to do with our homes. My goal is to make this website interactive where you can comment and post questions on here and also get your question […]

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Window Cleaning
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