Here is a video I just posted on my YouTube Channel.

Anyways I just posted a video of me on the job doing a window cleaning for a customer here in Tucson Arizona. There was paint on almost every window so I had to use my 6 inch Unger scraper. The video will show you how to properly use the scraper on glass.

1,) make sure the glass is wet

2.) Small strokes going only one direction, not back n forth.

3.) 45-degree angle with the handle so the blade doesn’t scratch the glass.

4.) Light even pressure

5.) make sure you use a new blade and check for chips or dings in the blade.

6.) Google fabrication degrees and read up about it. (basically, dirt and dust can form on the glass while it is being made in the factory and when you run your scraper along the glass you can dislodge some of those tiny dirt and dust particles and end up scratching the glass. This is not your fault because you can do everything right and still scratch the glass.  This is a big issue in the glass making and window cleaning industry right now.

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Here is the video: [embedyt][/embedyt]


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