On hot summer days, most people prefer to sit inside and enjoy the view, so it is important to have clean windows. While looks are important, there are other benefits to having clean windows

Maintenance and Efficiency

Having your windows professionally cleaned by Palmer Professional Services is one of the best ways to ensure that your windows have a long life. Hard water and oxidation can damage your windows and threaten their life span. Clean windows are also more efficient because they prevent frame weathering. Here in Arizona your frames and seals can weather fairly quickly due to the hot direct sun. So having a trained professional keep an eye on that can save you thousands of dollars in window replacements.

What Causes My Windows to Get So Dirty?

  • Location! Where you are located plays a major role in how quickly your windows get dirty. If you are located a high traffic area, it is likely that your windows will need to be cleaned more often. Especially here in Arizona, your windows will get dirty quicker than you may be used to in other parts of the country.  At Palmer Professional Services, we offer maintenance window cleaning. We will set up a schedule that works best for you and then you don’t have to worry about calling us back every time you want your windows cleaned.
  • Weather! Each season causes your windows to get dirty in a different way, so why clean them this summer? It is good that you get your windows cleaned for those hot summer months ahead. Any water stains or dirt that is left on the windows during the very hot summer months will bake onto the glass and possibly cause permeate damage. Same goes for the window seals and frames. We also recommend for residential window cleaning that you get your windows cleaned in the fall after monsoon season.

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner?

We have the right experience. Jordan, the owner of Palmer Professional Services has lots of experience cleaning windows and he will be at every job site! For our customers, this puts their mind at ease knowing the job will be done right every time.

We have the right tools. Have hard-to-reach windows? We’ve got you covered. With our professional-grade squeegees, we can clean even your highest windows. We also use pure water technology and have a water fed pole that can clean windows up to 3 stories safely from the ground.

We will save you time. It’s summer and we know you don’t want to spend your day searching for your ladder when you could be relaxing by the pool. Give Palmer Professional Services a call today at 520.252.1355 and we promise to be both friendly and professional and help you take care of your window cleaning needs.

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