As you all know Arizona certainly gets it’s fair share of sunshine! No wonder solar panels are popping up all over the place! And it makes sense, the cost to install solar panels is coming down, and it’s hard to argue with the positive attributes of solar electricity.

Tucson Solar panel cleaning by Palmer Professional Services

However, just like everything else here in our beautiful desert, solar panels get dirty, very dirty! Our dust storms certainly contribute to that, but so does pollution, leaves and bird droppings. (in the picture above before I started cleaning those solar panels, there were probably 50-60 bird droppings on them)

Unfortunately, over time all of this builds up on your panels and acts like a cloud blocking the sun. If the sun can’t reach your solar panels, you won’t be creating as much electricity.

Dirty solar panels won’t create as much power as clean ones. Google did a study on their solar farm and they let them go 18 months without cleaning them and they lost over 30% efficiency.

Green Valley solar panel cleaning

Cleaning solar panels on your own can be risky. If they are located on your roof, you have to deal with ladders. You can also quickly become frustrated with your soapy water drying out in the sun and heat.

Because Palmer Professional Services has tools and techniques for cleaning glass in the heat and sun, you should contact us to clean your solar panels. We use pure water with the technology of a water fed pole. (shown above) to clean your solar panels. We also add a little bit of Glass Gleam Solar for real dirty panels in our buffer tank of pure water.

Contact Jordan at Palmer Professional Services (520) 252-1355 for more information and to book your FREE estimate.


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