1. Glass windows only became common in homes in the early 17th century.

2. While it is estimated that the average US home has about 8 windows, the White House boasts a crazy 147. This is no match for the Buckingham Palace, which has approximately five times as many windows, coming in at a whopping 760 

3. At one point, homes in Amsterdam were taxed based on the number and size of windows on their façade. The larger the windows, the higher the taxes. 

4. The Empire State Building is 102 stories high and has 6,500 windows.

5. Even in good weather, it takes window cleaners an average of about 1 month to clean the entire Hearst tower in New York City from top to bottom. 

6. According to the US Department of Energy, 25% of the average household’s energy bill is due to leaky or faulty windows, skylights or glass doors. You can reduce your bill by about 15% by installing double pane glass, airtight frames or buying windows with Energy Star ratings. You can save approximately 25% of your energy bill by having Palmer Professional Services install sun screens to your home’s windows.

7. In the late 1600s, glass windows were considered a luxury, and even the wealthiest only had windows in their most important rooms. Windows were so prized that wealthy people who were away for months visiting their other estates would have their windows taken down and stored in their absence 



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