Cleaning your windows is a task that to be hired out. It can be a long and labor intensive job to get crystal clear windows. However, there are some instances when you will need to do a quick DIY cleaning job. As a professional window cleaner I  have a few tips for you to clean your windows without the dreaded streaks. Cleaning glass is more about the tools and techniques than the elbow grease. Learn the secret to streak-free windows.

Cleaning Tools

When choosing a tool to clean your windows you want to select something that does not leave lint and helps to prevent streaks.

  • Microfiber cloth: Microfiber clothes remove the lint left by other cloths.
  • Squeegee: A squeegee has a handle, and a channel that hold the squeegee rubber. It is used to wipe away the cleaning solution.
  • Newspaper: Use black and white newspaper print, not the colored ads or comic section. Newspaper helps you to avoid the lint that is left behind when using papertowels.
  • Coffee filters: An unused coffee filter is similar to newspaper and also eliminates lint.

Techniques For Streak-Free Windows

  • Using a cloth or sponge dip it into the cleaning solution (in a pinch use water with a tinny bit of dawn) The dawn will help remove stubborn stains on the window and also give the squeegee lubrication on the glass. Then use the cloth or sponge to wipe the entire window. After, use the squeegee to remove the solution. Wipe the extra solution around the edges of the window with a cloth.
  • When you use a squeegee, be sure to use one continuous motion from the top of the window to the bottom. When you are finished, wipe the squeegee with a damp cloth before moving on to the next window.
  • If you are using a coffee filter or newspaper, apply the solution with a spray bottle. Wipe away the solution by using horizontal or vertical strokes.
  • The best time to clean your windows is on an overcast day or when the sun is not directly shining on the window. The sun will dry the cleaning solution before you can remove it. I know that may be hard to do here in sunny Arizona, but don't clean the window in direct sunlight. 
  • Do not ever use abrasives on windows. This can cause scratches to the glass.
  • Be sure to wet the glass or use a damp cloth to remove spots. You can buy 0000 steel wool. It will not scratch the window and it will take out any stubborn marks on the glass. 

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